Places where you can find my writing


The Endless Winter (fiction), Verdad Magazine

Don (poem), Poetry Super Highway

Wild Strawberries and Moonlight (fiction), Bewildering Stories

Chalina (fiction), Scrutiny Journal (audio)

My Great-Uncle Julián (memoir/story), Litbreak Magazine

Parral (fiction), Cat on a Leash Review

Paradise (fiction), Edify Fiction

Foothills (lyric essay), Eastern Iowa Review

The Search for Alexander the Great (fiction), The Furious Gazelle

Mexico of the Imagination (essay), Porridge Magazine

When We Fell in Love – Charles Haddox (memoir/book review), Three Guys One Book

Isabel (fiction), The Nottingham Review

Send Her Fruit and Flowers (fiction), The Furious Gazelle

A Priest, a Horse, and a Mayordomo (fiction), Heart and Mind Zine

Late Night at the Roadrunner House (fiction), Straylight Literary Magazine

El Niño Alejandro (fiction), The Ignatian Literary Magazine

Nina and Dan (fiction), Foliate Oak Literary Magazine

Tío Dolfo (fiction), Twisted Vine Literary Arts Journal

The Annals of Wisdom (fiction), New Dead Families

Saturday Afternoon (fiction), The Mayo Review

Triangles (fiction), Corium Magazine

After Swimming Practice (fiction), Dual Coast Magazine

The Streets of Buffalo, a la Carte: Thea Swanson’s The Curious Solitude of Anise (book review), Switchback

Wild Strawberries and Moonlight (fiction), The Germ

Winter Nights (fiction), Forge

The Turned-Into’s (fiction), Chicago Quarterly Review

Stardom (fiction), Foliate Oak Literary Magazine

We Have to Stop Being Fearful: Paul Kavanagh’s Iceberg (book review), Switchback

Hand Sehnsucht (fiction), Danse Macabre

The Turned-Into’s (fiction), Sein und Werden

Kleinkunst (memoir/story), Lowestoft Chronicle

Sacrifice (fiction), The Meadow

A Mother and Father (memoir/story), Syndic No. 3

Bettina von Arnim Accuses Me of Unfaithfulness (essay), The Copperfield Review

A Martyr (fiction), Syndic No. 2

Tonalá (fiction), The Summerset Review

From Folklore to Literature: The Märchen and the German Romantic Movement (article), Cabinet des Fées

Vespers (poem), San Pedro River Review

Mexico of the Imagination (essay), 322 Review

Perils (fiction), CYC-Online

Night (fiction), Folio

A Field Trip, 1968 (fiction), Temenos

The Ugly Duckling (fiction), Switchback

Nativity of Mary (poem), Commonweal

Rega’s Bone (fiction), Lo-Fidelity

Perils (fiction), Paradigm

Ants (fiction), The Raven Chronicles (Pushcart nominee)

All Wars of Conquest Are Unjust (poem), Perspectiva Popular

Tarahumara Handicrafts and Economic Survival (article), (with Lizabeth Berkeley), Cultural Survival

Ants (fiction), The Sierra Nevada Review

Lioness (fiction), Desert Voices

Laurel Eberharter (fiction), The Sand Hill Review

Lotería (fiction), Concho River Review

The Light That Falls (poem), The Christian Century

Neighborhood (poem), America Magazine


Perils (fiction), Paradigm, Volume Three

Kleinkunst (fiction), Far-Flung and Foreign: Lowestoft Chronicle 2012 Anthology